happy confetti

Happy confetti jars

A lovely way to bring some positivity in peoples life is to create a happy confetti jar. A happy confetti jar can be filled with sweet, lovely messages for the receiver, or you can leave some positive message behind, which can help them troughout the day. The universe will Always give the exact message needed.

The messages can be handwritten, or if you create a lot of these jars, you can type them and print them out. If you are not a writer at all you can just simply find positive messages somewhere on the web, or on this website.

I love to create the jars from waste material and paint them by hand. You can really express your love for the other person in this way. If painting or being creative in any other way, you can also buy beautiful jars. Some even with possitive messages on the outside.

Goos luck you will do great and it is Always a wonderful, special and one of a kind gift towards a loved one.

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